I know you saw the signs, I did, too.  They're everywhere, an all sides of town.  To be honest, they look a little...sketchy.  I mean, I wouldn't go as far as some of the people on Facebook would. I don't think calling a phone number is going to instantly mean sex trafficking. That just seems like a  big leap to make.  But it didn't seem like a... well, a big organization.  It seemed kinda home made to me.

Maybe that's the point!  Maybe it's meant to be home made.  After all, it is a barbecue place. Apparently the word on the internet is that this guy has a restaurant up in Oak Grove, and they're planning on expanding here in Sedalia. In fact, I hear they're going to be taking over the old East Side Market.

Google Street View
Google Street View

It's always great I think to have stuff go into the East side of town.  I mean, there are so many people that live there, but for some reason it seems like every new business goes somewhere on the West side of town.  That's cool too, I just think the East side deserves a little more love.

So my curiosity got the better of me, and I just called the number.  Turns out most of what I heard was absolutely right (MOST, he's not a scammer or a sex trafficker, sorry guys).  I talked to a guy named Jim who seemed really nice. He said he's still in the process of getting everything finalized, but he really wants to give the East side of town another food option.  He even invited me to come for myself when they finally get open.

What have you heard about the KC Baby Back Ribs new location?

Barbecuingly yours,

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