Getting ready to celebrate an anniversary? Looking to impress a new love? Or are you looking to re-ignite that romantic spark? Perhaps heading to a romantic restaurant can help. According to Food and Wine, this is the restaurant that is the most romantic in Missouri.

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Scrolling through Food & WIne's list, there are some great restaurants that I'd like to try. For example, Arthur's Prime Steakhouse in Little Rock. Wood paneling on the walls and white tablecloths got me interested, and the first three words of their blurb on the restaurant sold me. Old-world elegance.

Then there's Indianapolis. and the Eagle's Nest at the Hyatt Regency. This is an old-school revolving restaurant that offers an unparalleled view of the City. Indy is a beautiful city and I've had a good time every time I've gone. This restaurant is the perfect way to kick off a night on the town or wrap up a day of exploring. Plus I have a thing for revolving restaurants high above a city, and there are not too many lof them eft.

Then there's Cafe Amelie in New Orleans. Located in an old mansion with expansive French doors and gas-light lanterns, I can't say the picture screams swanky or romantic. Yet, it's New Orleans and New Orleans is made for lovers, wait, no that's Virginia. It just seems to fit New Orleans, and I can see starting the night with your lover here. Plus, according to Food & Wine their oysters, a known aphrodisiac, are delicious.

Enough of some of the other places with sexy restaurants. What about Missouri, right? I mean you might not be able to head to New Orleans, Indianapolis, or Little Rock for a vacation. Yet, how does Springfield, Missouri sound?

Food & Wine says Char Steakhouse & Oyster Bar in Springfield is the most romantic restaurant in Missouri. They write:

"When you want to dress to impress — in a setting that can be described as more city-chic than intimate and candlelit — look no further than Char Steakhouse & Oyster Bar, where you'll find two floors of stylish décor and conversation-starting artwork."

Char Steakhouse says they offer an updated take on a traditional steakhouse mixing a modern aesthetic with an above-and-beyond experience to deliver classic dishes with a modern twist.

If you're planning to go out and impress, bring your wallet, entries run anywhere from $17 for a dry-aged steak sandwich to $130 dollars for a Waygu Strip Steak. That said, Filet Mignon is $42, a Ribeye is $46, and Chilean Seabass is $42. These prices are current as of October 2023.

Oh, and they also have Oysters.

Char Steakhouse & Oyster Bar's dining room is open Tuesday - Thursday from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM, and is closed Sunday and Monday. They're located at 1620 East Republic Road in Springfield, Missouri.

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