I don't normally care about sports, but so many people told me I needed to watch this year's Super Bowl.After all, it was the local team, and everybody kept reminding me that it had been decades since something like this happened.  It's a big deal to a lot of people, and it makes a lot of our listeners very happy.

SO, I was going to watch it, I really was.  I was thinking, "Well, I'll just have a nap in the early afternoon or something and then I'll be able to stay up a little late for it."  See, I get up in the morning at 4:15 a.m. I normally go to bed at 8:00 p.m. or a little earlier.  And to be rested and able to do my job in the morning, I needs my sleep, ya know? But how often does something big like this happen? It's a big deal.  So I thought I'd sacrifice my schedule for one night.  Maybe I'd get something funny out of it again like I did last time I wrote about the Super Bowl.

I had every intention of doing that.  I even put the reruns of the previous years Puppy Bowls on to get into a football vibe.  But then, something happened.  I went to Twitter to see what people were saying about the game that night, and I saw it.

A new BTS song! As you may or may not remember, I am a huge fan of BTS.  It's not healthy at this point, and Husbando knows if I ever start chortling loudly next to him on the couch, it's probably not me laughing at the violent death that just happened on the rerun of Blue Bloods he's watching.  It's something funny on YouTube that is BTS related. He knows that I'm like that, though.  I find something I like and I have grab it by the throat and learn everything about it.

They're getting ready to put out a new album this month, and I've been keeping up on the promotions for it. So I knew the schedule. We're gonna get the new album on the 21st, but the second trailer isn't supposed to be out til February 3rd?! Then I realized.... it is February 3rd in Korea, idiot. They're ahead of us by about thirteen hours. So I immediately had to watch it, obviously.  And it was so good that of course that led me down the rabbit hole of reaction videos, analysis videos, memes, Tweets, etc etc.  There are millions of people all over the world talking about this!

So by the time I lifted my head up out of the fog that is Ego, I realized it was like... almost seven at night.  That was a good three hours I spent watching videos, tweets, memes, blah blah blah.  THREE HOURS.  The game was already on! And of course, Husbando didn't notice, because he was watching his own shows on TV and working on preparing for his weekly game with his friends.  He's been mad at football ever since the Rams went back to California.

At this point, I kind of just gave up. I missed all the pre game stuff, a good portion of the game, and I wanted to go to bed in like, an hour. Maybe it was for the best. The last time I watched a Super Bowl game, the power went out.  Maybe I'm a bad luck charm! Anyway, I'm glad you guys enjoyed the game and I guess that's enough.

Ego-ingly yours,


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