Ever dream of taking that long weekend over Super Bowl Sunday and attending the game? Does the dream get more intense when you're a Chiefs fan and they're playing? What about the fact that the game is in Las Vegas? It's doable, however, you better have a lot of credit available or be ready to take out a loan.

The biggest cost for the weekend is going to be tickets to the game. I went over to Ticketmaster, yes, it's selling tickets to the Super Bowl. The cost of a cheap, nosebleed, seat is $8,333. So for two of them, you're in for $16,666 and you haven't even left your home.

When I went to Las Vegas, I stayed at New York New York. It's not an uber-expensive hotel to stay, but, it's comfortable and while it was starting to look a little long in the tooth the last time I went, it's not a bad place to hang your hat. For three nights, checking in on Friday, February 9, and checking out on Monday, February 12, the cost for a SoHo King Room is $2,375 for the three nights. That does include the $126 of resort fees.

The other big ticket item is your flights to and from Vegas. Fair warning, getting out of Vegas back to Kansas City on Monday, February 12, is almost already all sold out. I was able to price a flight leaving Las Vegas during the 7:00 AM hour, with a flight change in Denver. It was easier to get into Vegas on Friday, February 9, although I still had a flight change in Denver.

I priced Southwest Airlines and the cost of two round trip tickets leaving on Friday and returning early Monday Morning, $3,386.

Let's total up the costs, shall we?

For two tickets to Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, a three-night stay at New York, and round-trip airfare on Southwest Airlines between Kansas City and Las Vegas the total is $22,427.

You're probably looking at $24,000 to $25,0000 to see the Chiefs and 49ers go at it in Super Bowl LVIII by the time you add in airport parking in KC, ground transportation costs in Las Vegas, not to mention food, drinks, a little gambling, and other fun stuff while you're there.

I don't know about you, but for me, I'll watch the game on TV, and maybe splurge by playing hookey from work on the day they have the parade in Kansas City after we beat the 49ers. That's more in my budget. Besides, everyone knows if you want a truly cheap Vegas vacation, you go into the run-up to Christmas, or right after Christmas. Hotel rooms are damn cheap as long as you're out of there by New Year's Eve!

Check Out The Sad Story of One of Kansas City's Formerly Great Hotels

At one time this hotel which was located near I-435 and Front Street was one of the bigger hotels in Kansas City, and somewhat swanky. The hotel's downfall included anarchy, employees that just walked away from their post, an owner who escaped Kansas City for Brazil, and an eventual implosion of the buildings. Pictures come from Youtube videos created by Steven Downing and Exploring the Abandoned.

Gallery Credit: Rob Creighton

Take A Look At This Scary Abandoned Kansas City Warehouse

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

The Weld Wheel Building, or the Ridenour-Baker Grocery Company Building, is the second building on the site, in the West Bottoms neighborhood of Kansas City. For many years it was the home of the Ridenour-Baker Grocery Company. It was the first wholesale grocery building west of the Mississippi River located on the railroad. Later, it was the home of Weld Wheels, which called the building home from 1978 until 2003. The warehouse is currently slated for demolition and New York-based developer SomeraRoad, which is redeveloping 20 acres in the area, plans to build a five-story apartment building on the site.

Urban Explorer Lee Paco Industries explored the building twice to get to the roof. You can check out his Youtube videos here and here. If you like his work, he has some postcards and books for sale on his Etsy Channel.

Gallery Credit: Rob Creighton

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