It's bad enough that we have to go through this every year. At least there are some good folks willing to help ease our pain on Tax Day. Check these out!

Freebies and Deals...what could be better on Tax Day? For many, we have to suffer through this day trying to get all of our receipts put together, and making sure all of our calculations are correct as we get our federal and state tax returns finished and postmarked by midnight.

According to the website, there are deals just waiting for you to help you navigate through this stressful day.

Locally, Hardees and Sonic are offering deals today. There are other national chains that are also offering free stuff and great deals.

Now that you know about this stuff, a reminder...file this information away for next year so you can take advantage of them.

If you've alrady had your taxes done for a few weeks, good for you! If you're like 6% of the filers in the U.S., or 1 out 17 people, you're waiting til the last minute to get them finished...good luck!!!

Sara Robinson

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