I have some experience with tweens and teenagers.  Admittedly, not a lot, but some. And the fact of the matter is, they love their phones.  But is it something that's harmless, or should parents intervene? A new study looked at how happy adolescents are compared to how much time they spend on their phones and computers.

The ones who were happiest only spent about an HOUR A DAY on things like texting, video chatting, playing games, browsing the Internet, and checking social media.  Yes, one hour a day TOTAL.  So that's, you know, not a lot compared to a lot of the young people I know anyway.

Kids who got one to two hours of screen time were happier than kids who got more than that.  And they were also happier than kids who got NO screen time. So should we limit the time? Maybe.  But you also don't want to just cut them off completely.  If the Internet is your kid's only way to socialize, then cutting them off could do more harm than good.

The ones who fell into the one-to-two-hour range tended to spend more time hanging out with friends face-to-face though, and doing things like playing organized sports and exercising.  So that might have something to do with it.

Here's where you can help! You can get your kid involved in something fun with their friends that will get them off the electronics for a least one evening.  The Sedalia Parks and Recreation is having a Tween Egg Hunt on the 14th of April. It's at Clover Dell, so it will probably be more challenging than the kiddie one at Liberty Park. It's a flashlight hunt, so it's after dark (starts at 8:30 p.m., so it won't be super late), which will add another level of fun.

Only thing is, you gotta get em registered before April 12th.  So check with your teens, have em check with their posse, and make plans.  Then call 660-829-4930. It's only ten bucks a kid, and you know you're gonna get some good memories there.

Get signed up ASAP!  What other stuff do your kids like to do away from the electronics? Do they enjoy sports, or playing instruments, or crafting?  Let's give each other some ideas.

Flashlightingly yours,


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