As you probably know, I watch a lot of Food Network.  Maybe I'm hoping their skills and talent will just rub off on me if I see enough of it? There's something to be said for the training and skill of the different cooks on Food Network, and there's also a wide variety of them.  Some of them are experienced and fancy, some are home cooks that made it big. With me, the thing is, if I watch a show on the Food Network, most of the time it's because I like the cut of their jib.  If I like them, they're probably going to make food I want to try.

Husbando is the same way.  I could say, "I've got a new recipe for meatloaf for tonight" and he'll be skeptical.  But if I say, "I'm going to try the new Bobby Flay recipe for meatloaf tonight", he's all in.  There are some people who you can trust with their recipes.

I mean, there are some people I just don't trust further than I can throw them, you know?  Like Giada Delaurentis.  I don't like how she over pronounces Italian words. And Ina Garten. She seems pleasant enough, but if she says something is going to be simple, I don't believe it for one split second. Same thing with Martha Stewart. So, here are some people on the Food Network that I will trust with my attention, in no particular order.

1. Maneet Chauhan.

There's something about Maneet that makes me feel like we would get along in real life.  She's been on Chopped about a thousand times.  I learned today she lives in Nashville!

2.  Trisha Yearwood.

I know, she's a country singer.  But she's pretty funny and goofy, too! I also like that she makes stuff I could actually see myself eat.  In fact, I have made her Buffalo Chicken Dip several times for charity events and party function type things.  It's always a hit.

3.  Jet Tila.

Jet seems like the kind of guy you could drink beer and play Putt Putt Mini Golf with. And then he'd take you somewhere that had the best noodles you've ever had in your life and talk about underappreciated eighties one hit wonders.

4.  Damaris Phillips.

Damaris reminds me of women my Grandmother used to go to church with.  You know, those kinda chatty vaguely Southern ladies who always had a killer biscuit to bring to the pot luck?

5.  Marcus Samuelsson

Marcus has one of those sweet smiles that make you wonder if he's ever smashed a bug on the counter. He's part Ethiopian and part Swedish, I think.  I like an international flair, he's got that in spades.  And, honestly this fried chicken looks like it's amazing.

6.  Ree Drummond.

Of all the people on this list, I've made Ree's recipes the most. In fact, my family have gifted me a few of her cookbooks and some of her cookware.  She has a blog that is hilarious, even if she seems a little stiff on camera.  When I watch her show, I wonder how stinking rich their family must be.  And HOW MANY ovens does the Lodge have?  I mean, jeebus, woman.

7.   Aarti Sequeira.

Aarti makes the best faces.  Husbando, for some reason, loves Guy Fieri, and therefore we watch Guy's Grocery Games, and Aarti is on that show a lot as a judge and sometimes as a contestant.

8.  Jeff Mauro.

One of Husbando's favorite shows on Food Network is The Kitchen, and he's (Jeff, not Husbando) on that show.  He's my favorite on that show, although I can't say I Dislike any of them.  I don't know about Geoffrey, though.  He seems a little stiff.  Anyway, Jeff is a funny dude who makes a lot of sammitches, which is something I'm all for.

9.  Sunny Anderson.

Sunny seems like a normal person, you know? Sure, she's on TV, but she's not afraid to admit she's a little weird like the rest of us. Like somebody I'd have a math class with in college.  But she's also got a bit of sass to her.  I like her sense of humor and I like that sometimes she wears crazy hair/nail/lip colors on The Kitchen.  I like a little eccentricity.

10.  Valerie Bertinelli.

Yes, the actress.  Yes, the lady who married the guy from Van Halen.  She has her own show and appears on a couple competition shows, too.  Valerie is one of the better hosts, because she has that kind of experience, you know, being on television. Some of the hosts on Food Network have to grow into being good, she was just good to start with. I've tried her recipes maybe about four times, they're not that hard to do, actually.

So there you have it, enjoy my opinions on the Food Network.  Who are your favorite personalities on FN?  Have you ever tried any of the recipes?

Cookingly yours,

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