Guys, I think you know this, but I'm not a parent.When I was little, I grew up thinking I would be a Mom someday.  But the thing is, the older and older I got, the more I thought about it, and the more I decided that the whole parenting thing was just not for me.

Part of it was the physical aspect, obviously. I mean, really my diagnosis of MS in the mid-two thousands or so cemented it to me. I didn't want to take a chance to pass it on to another.  While I'm okay, and I've been okay for a while now, I just didn't want to take that chance.  That's the serious answer.

But part of it is me thinking about what kind of parent I would be.  I'm a very, very impatient person.  So it would be hard for me, I think, to deal with kids.  Well, don't get me wrong.  I'm not like, some monster.  But I mean that I would get annoyed or frustrated, and of course I couldn't show it to the kids, but I would have trouble finding other healthy ways to get that out of my system.  You know?

I just don't know if I would be the Mom to find a creative, fun solution to problems when a kid is screaming in my face because his construction paper is blue and his brother's is red and he wants blue too and doesn't want his brother to have red because it's not fair. (That was a real argument I dealt with once babysitting, by the way.  Small potatoes to parents, though, I'm sure.)

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So when I saw this, I thought, YES.  Now here is a way to deal with children's whims, without necessarily giving in to demands.  This Dad has found the solution to his kid's lunch issue.   The kids demand sammitches with no crusts.... but then what?  You can't just waste the crusts by throwing them out and letting the kids win, right?


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HECK YES. Use up them crusts, Dad! I bet those are tasty, actually. Makes me wanna try that myself, actually. Cheese, butter, bread...what could go wrong?

What are some of your "kid solutions" when you just.... don't wanna have that fight today?

Solutionally yours,

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