Last Friday the staff and myself had lunch at Fitters 5th Street Sports Pub in downtown Sedalia.  This was the second time I had been at the pub, as I stopped in on Thanksgiving when they lit up the Hotel Bothwell and shot off fireworks.  I can see why it is a popular hangout for many.  Allow me to share the experiences of the staff and myself for our lunch.

attachment-Fitters Nachos

We decided to order an appetizer, but while we were waiting for our sampler the nachos were delivered to another table.  I thought it looked really good and thankfully the 3 guys who ordered it allowed me to take a picture of it.  They told me they order this dish often.  I can see why.  It was quite large.

attachment-Fitters Sampler Platter 2

Our Sampler Platter arrived.  Onion Rings, fried pickles, mozzarella sticks, corn nuggets, and siracha chicken bites.  We loved the siracha bites, and the fried pickles.  Mixed reviews on the onion rings, and the corn nuggets.  Mozzarella sticks I thought were good, not soggy.  I would recommend the siracha chicken bites, they were not as spicy as you might expect.  Came with ranch, and marinara sauce.

attachment-Fitters Burger Ham

Mike decided to order a burger, and he asked for ham, bacon and swiss.  It needs to be mentioned that the bacon that was requested, was left off the burger.  Mike says the burger was cooked correctly, but wasn't over the top.  Waffle fries were good, but the key is to eat them when they are warm.  Don't let them sit too long.

attachment-Fitters Patty Melt Bacon 2

Patty Melt for me, with bacon.  I went with the Fitter fries.  I enjoyed both, but I would recommend making the burger a tad bigger.  Too much bread was left over.  But I would order this burger again.  Cooked to medium and the Fitter fries were crisp and tasty.

attachment-Fitters Ham Cheese 2

Craig and Randy ordered the Hot Ham and Cheese.  Craig thought the bread was fresh and thought there was more than enough ham.  Randy was indifferent to it.  Didn't dislike it, wasn't over the moon for it.  The picture was of Randy's sandwich, Craig added onion rings for his.

attachment-Fitters Steak Wrap

Bekha always tries something a little different or at least for her, something out of her comfort zone.  Steak wrap for her.  She felt it was very sweet and did not care for it.  It did look appetizing and certainly full.  Unfortunately her menu did have a dead fly in it.  Not the food, the menu.  Hopefully the menu's are wiped down after each shift.  I think this was just an oversight.

attachment-Fitters Gyro Bowl 2

Lori has the Greek Bowl.  It has quinoa, tomatoes, black olives, onions, feta cheese and gyro meat, with the pitas and the tzatziki sauce.  Tender meat, plenty of it, and Lori was very pleased with her dish.

I did not take any pictures of the pizza at Fitters, but the first time I was there I tried a small one with pepperoni and green pepper.  Really enjoyed it. I could taste the garlic in the sauce, and plenty of cheese.  I would love to see them try to get a thicker crust.  But if you order a pizza from here, you will be very pleased.

We also wanted to mention Dani. She was our server.  She had a smile that just lit up her face, and she was terrific.  If she is working, ask for her.  Was attentive to us, and tried to help as best she could on this busy lunch Friday.

Overall, a mixed bag, but I would and will return, because of the service, and the minor things that did not go right can be easily fixed.  This place was fun, friendly, and worth stopping by again.

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