Valentine's Day is supposed to be about the big, romantic gesture. Husbando is pretty good at that when he needs to be.  But studies show that people feel the most appreciated in their relationship when they get SMALL signs of affection regularly.  He's great at that!  So here are a few things Husbando does that you can try out, dudes. Try out these eight small and EASY ways to say "I love you":


1.  Shovel off their car on a snowy morning.

2.  DVR their favorite show.

3.  Sneak a love note into their pocket.  And feel free to make it dirty.

4.  Save them the last bite of dessert.

5.  Brag about them when you know they're listening.

6.  Compliment them on something NEW that they haven't heard from you before.

7.  Help out with a chore they hate . . . like taxes or laundry.

8.  Wake up a few minutes early and bring them their coffee in bed.


You could also, you know, adapt to your own purposes.  Maybe lean the opposite way from them when you have to fart? I don't know your life.  Whatever works in your household.  For me, I'll also do little things for him like bring him a soda when I know he wants one but doesn't have one.  You know, nothing huge. But it's just nice.

How do you show your partner you love them? Maybe you could give us a few ideas!

Romantically yours,


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