So Tuesday I was driving down Broadway and I had noticed that the Denny's on the corner of Broadway and State Fair was closed.  For whatever reason, I had not noticed it before.  The signs are down, and on all of the windows, there are white signs that say that a new restaurant is coming.

I went home for the weekends before Christmas and for the Christmas holiday, and if I do not have to go to Walmart or drive to Warrensburg, I do not go that direction. And I have never eaten at that Denny's.  No reason, just never went in. Maybe I should have.

This location has been here for 20 years.  Apparently some of the employees were given the news from the Denny's regional manager that this location was to be closing.  The owners of Rick Ball Ford had expressed interest in the property over the years, and when the Denny’s franchise owners approached them asking if they were still interested General Manager Ryan Ball made them an offer.

This Denny's location was a franchise and not a corporate location.  For what it's worth, a new restaurant will be coming.  Not sure as to when.  I do feel bad for the employees who lost their jobs so close to the Christmas holiday.  I was once an employee of a hotel that was going to be taken over by new owners and they closed the hotel for a year.  None of us who were working at the restaurant in the hotel, or the staff were offered jobs at the new location.  I was also once an employee of a Coconuts Music & Video music store, that closed after 20 years. It stinks when you get to build a relationship with employees and customers, and then that gets taken away.  I hope the employees are able to find another job, after their unemployment runs out.

What kind of restaurant do you hope opens up at this location? Is there a corporate place that Sedalia would embrace? Or just another family owned place?  Either way, I hope the food is good, and I hope that the former employees of Denny's perhaps get offers to return to that location.

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