Well, you can't just walk in and get handed ice cream, but it's close. I saw a news story about Dairy Queen offering some free ice cream for the first day of summertime.  But me being the negative nelly that I am, as soon as I saw "in participating stores" I thought that maybe ours wouldn't be doing that. So I decided to be proactive and call up the local Sedalia Dairy Queen, and by god they're doing it!

Here's how it works.  You have to download the DQ app to your phone (it's free), and then it'll give you a coupon for a free ice cream (with a purchase, though).  You have to use it within fifteen minutes of clicking "redeem" so after you download the app, just click the redeem part when you get  there.

One other thing - they're only doing this today, so I'm sure the coupon expires if you don't use it today.  Laziness will not be rewarded.

So there you have it, free ice cream. I know you have to buy something but that's not too bad, right? Just buy an ice cream for me and you can take the free one.

Summeringly yours,


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