As a kid you had a pretty good idea of where you would head with the neighbor kids when you had enough snow to go sledding or maybe tubing. Where in Sedalia is the best place to go?

With the city of Sedalia being fairly flat, are there any good hills to go to down on a sled or on an inner tube? I'm sure there are a few "choice" locations that come to mind that you would frequent when you were a kid.

You're mom would make sure you had empty bread bags around your socks and possibly over your hands before the mittens or gloves were pulled on. Usually two pair of pants were pulled on because back in the day we didn't have any type of insulated pants. You grabbed your stocking cap and you were out the door.  It was time to head out into the frozen tundra.

You'd meet your friends for a day out in the snow. Now here's my question- How was it that we could last for hour upon hour out in the freezing temperatures but we never got cold?

The memories of winters past always bring back great memories of fun in the white stuff. Maybe this will help you to relive a few of those golden memories, too.

Girls (6-7) (12-13) sliding down snowy slope on inner tube, low angle view
Steve Mason


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