A friend of mine just had an interesting thing happen to him the other day. He went out to eat at a buffet with his girlfriend. They were seated, given drinks, and had their plates taken away once while they were there. After they finish their meal, my friend's girlfriend tells him he has to tip. He said, "Well, they didn't really do anything besides bring us water when we got here, but that's fine I guess." So he puts down two bucks on like a $16 dollar check, but his girlfriend says he needs to tip a full twenty percent like normal, and nags him until he does.

When they go to pay at the counter, the woman working there says to the girlfriend "Thank you for making him tip, we pay our servers $2.50 an hour." My buddy was pretty shocked, and thought that was actually really terrible for the employees there. He thought that they were making at least minimum wage and didn't depend on tips, since they weren't actually waiting on any tables.

What do you do when you go to a buffet? Are you supposed to tip your server when you go and get your food yourself? Let us know in our poll below, or get points for taking the poll here.

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