Missouri has a lot of great places to go, if you are looking for family friendly activities.  We have a train here in Sedalia that goes non-stop to St Louis, and I think it would be a nice idea to do just that and check out a place where, depending on your interests, would have something for everyone.  Have you been to Grant's Farm?

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Clydesdale - Grant's Farm Facebook page

If you like animals, especially famous Clydesdale horses, this place that has been in the Busch family for over 100 years.  There are over 900 animals that can been seen on this farm.  You can click HERE if you really want to focus on the Clydesdale's and see them up close.  There are plenty of up-close, hands-on animal interactions that you can do.  This sounds like fun.

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Grant's Farm Facebook page. Kids feeding cattle

There is no charge to get into Grant's Farm, but expect to pay for parking and food for the animals.  But if you do get hungry, or want a cold drink, you have the option to check out The Bauernhof, the main beer garden, or stop by Tier Garden Treats.

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Grant's Farm Facebook Page. Beer Garden

This place seems like a wonderful place to have a wedding, or any private event that you might be interested in.  You can click HERE for more info on that.

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Carousel - Grant's Farm Facebook Page

Who has some young kids who would love to take a ride on one of these carousels?  Or if you prefer to walk, be prepared for a lot of that.  There is a Tram that will take you through Deer Park.

This place offers lots of events, some of them are seasonal.  You can click HERE for the main website so you can learn a bit more about the Busch family, and see all of the options that are available to you.  If you have a child looking for a summer job, there are some positions available. Check this place out sometime this year.  I think it will be worth your time.

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