Guys, I know you're going to be having some fun this weekend.  And I'm sure there will be some furry little friends there also participating.

And yes, I know, you see their cute little faces, just staring at you.  Patiently waiting for you to give them juuuuuuust one little piece of food.  Just one? Kitten just wants to try it.  Just to try it. One bite.


And if you don't, you know they're going to pout, right?  Major poutage.  Because they're obviously starving to death, and how can you be so cruel?


See that?  That's a major league, big time dog flop.  Because Ronan wanted some of my dinner, and I didn't give him any.  Don't worry, he'd had his dinner already.  He just wanted some of mine, and thinks I'm a soft touch.  So, floppage.  With big sighs, and even bigger eyes.  And don't think he's going to move one foot from in front of my spot.  He's there just in case something falls to the floor.  He's doing it for me, really, so I don't have to clean.

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Right?  Right.  You've seen the faces, you've heard the whines, and you want to give in.  But BE STRONG.  Look at Ruthie here.  She's just... so sad.  And obviously skin and bones, not eighty pounds of dog.  She's looking right at me.  She's family, doesn't she deserve family dinner just like we do?  It's just one piece.... NO.  Be strong!  Don't cave in!


Because you know you're not going to want to chuck out for that expensive vet bill later.  Here's a few things to specifically keep away from the little furry ones this Labor Day Weekend.

1.  Chocolate.  It stimulates their heart and nervous system. And it's dangerous for all species of pet, but especially dogs.  No pie or cake for them. And probably no ice cream, to be safe.

2.  Grapes or raisins.  Both are poisonous to cats and dogs because they can damage their kidneys.   So make sure the fancy charcuterie board is up high.

3.  Garlic and onions.  They can cause anemia in cats and dogs.

4.  Macadamia nuts.  These can cause muscle and nervous system damage in dogs.

5.  Avocados.  These are harmful to most species, but especially birds.  They can damage the heart muscle.  No guac for Rover.

6.  Alcoholic drinks.  This seems like a no-brainer, but alcohol is bad for ALL species because it depresses their nervous system.

Does your pet eat human food? What do you give them? What's their favorite?

Petly yours,

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