A lot of people are trying to be a little more aware of different options they have when it comes to recycling.  I'm sure you know about the drop off site at 10th and Massachusetts.  But that's not all they offer, according to the Sanitation Department:

The City of Sedalia will continue to collect glass, electronic waste (e-waste) and household hazardous waste (HHW) for recycling at the City's Materials Management Site at 27887 Highway U.

BUT. You can't just throw anything in there and hope it can be recycled.  Here are some items they specifically ask you NOT to put in any recycling bins or containers.

1.  Paper Towels.


2. Mirrors, Glass, or Drinking Glasses.

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3. Tyvek Envelopes (Priority Mail).

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4.  Ceramics, Plates, Vases, Pyrex.

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5. Styrofoam.

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6. Plastic Microwave Trays, Frozen Ice Cream, Frozen Juice Containers.

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7. Light bulbs, Florescents

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8. Organics, Food, or Food Waste.

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9. Hazardous Waste or Biohazardous Waste.

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10. Plastic Bags and Shrink Wrap.


11. Medical Waste, Needles, or Syringes.

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12. Window Glass.

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13. Scrap Metal.

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So now that we all have some clarification, happy recycling!