The holiday season is here, and as you know, that means different things to different people  all around the world.  But in our neck of the woods, we've got this. 

You may not think the way I do, but hey, maybe you do.  After all, we share the same common bond of being in Sedalia at any given time, right?  Did that  make sense?  Probably not.  I should stop rambling and get to the list.

1.  Do we have school tomorrow?

2.  Wait, I ordered cheese from the Boy Scouts?  I don't remember that.

3.  There are more people at Wal-Mart than you can shake a stick at.

4.  I can never find close parking at the parade.

5.  Time to go to Thompson Hills and get some presents.

6.  What leftovers have we got to bring to the Christmas party?

7. I ordered popcorn from another Boy Scout?

8. I wish the Liberty Center would do "A Sedalia Christmas" again.

9.  I wonder if we should get Kehde's to deep fry the turkey.

10.  Watch those side streets, they're always slick. People forget how to drive in snow.

Okay, so that was nothing amazing.  Just my thoughts, I guess.  But you could weigh in on that, if you wanted. What would you add to the list? Is there something that you think about every holiday season here in Sedalia?

Listingly yours,


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