I have been a patron and a fan of the arts ever since high school.  So I try and support them whenever I can.  The Liberty Center in Sedalia will have their latest show open Thursday and run through Sunday.  I got a chance to preview it, and wanted to tell you a little about it, and encourage you to check it out.  It is a Drama Desk nominated show called Outside Mullingar and it will bring the 'Midlands of Ireland' to life.

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The play is set in the Midlands of Ireland, and involves two farmers. Anthony Reilly and Rosemary Muldoon have grown up next to each other on two farms in rural Ireland. Rosemary fell in love with Anthony at the age of six, and is convinced that he will eventually come to her. Anthony had his heart broken as a young man, and hasn’t dared open it to another woman since. Several years later, the two of them are still living next to each other, instead of together. With a small land feud happening between the two families, it seems unlikely that a romance will ever happen. Will it? You will have to see the show. Rosemary is played by Elisha Moulton, and John Hopper plays the role of Anthony. Both are no strangers to the Liberty Center stage.

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Anthony's father is played by Richard Bahner and his real life wife Jan plays Aoife who is Rosemary's mother. These two are also no strangers to the stage, and they have a very natural chemistry on the stage.

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The play is directed by Marco Caesar who is making his directing debut.  I asked him about his experience and why he wanted to direct this show.  He told me he liked the idea of working with a small cast, and he wanted to prove himself as a director.  He has done several productions at the Liberty Center.  He also understood that the director is accountable for what is seen on stage, and he takes pride in knowing he has prepared his cast well, and that it has been a rewarding experience in bringing this show to life.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Elisha, John, and Marco when I was involved with Legally Blonde. They all work well together and it comes through on the stage.  I spoke to Elisha and John about their experience.  Elisha mentioned on how she wanted to stay true to the script and both her and John are on stage for large portions of the show.  Their accents were convincing (as were Jan and Richard's) and you are able to see how they rely on each other.  Credit to director Marco for their characterizations.

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This is some playful humor in this show, and well as some dramatic moments and it would be worth your time to see this show.  You can click HERE to get more info on it, and reserve your tickets HERE.  Prices are $17 for adults, $15 for seniors, and $12 for students.  7:30pm show times for Thursday-Saturday, and a 2pm matinee on Sunday.

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An interesting tidbit about this particular play.  When it first was on Broadway back in 2014, it marked the Broadway debut of Debra Messing who you may know from Will and Grace.  She played Rosemary.

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Hope you can make the show.  I could tell the actors worked very hard to brings their characters to life.  High praise to them all.  More info is below.

Break a leg to the cast.  It is a delightful show.

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