I have been involved in community theater ever since I was out of high school.  I have taken acting classes in college, did my fair share of productions, and played my share of roles, ranging from a cowboy, a Greaser, a gay doctor, a gangster, an anvil salesman, a professor of phonetics, and now a Harvard educated lawyer.   I am currently in rehearsals for Legally Blonde the Musical.  I will be portraying the role of Emmitt Forrest.  In the film staring Reese Witherspoon, my character was played by Luke Wilson.  It has been an enjoyable, and sometimes challenging experience.

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This will be my first time on the Liberty Center stage and I have to admit, it is a nice venue.  Plenty of seating, a good size stage to work with, and it gave me an opportunity to meet some new people.  By the way, if there are any men who have ever wanted to do a show, I can tell you that there always seems to be a shortage of male performers. So step out of your comfort zone and keep an eye out for future auditions.  You can get more info on the Liberty Center Association of the Arts HERE.


Above is the Facebook info on the show, and make sure you secure your tickets.  You can click HERE for the website for the Liberty Center.  That will give you more info on future shows and events that will be taking place there.  If you liked the 2 Legally Blonde movies, then you will love this musical.  My cast has worked really hard and we would love to see you in the audience and support community theater in Sedalia.

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