The Fourth of July is tomorrow, everyone is excited to celebrate Independence Day. The Fourth of July is always jammed packed with traditions and events. Some may not know, or maybe you want to forget, but one tradition is the Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest that happens every year on the Fourth of July.

These guys eat as many hotdogs as they can in 10 minutes. It gets pretty gruesome, dipping the buns into water for lubrication, food flying everywhere, it is not for anyone with a weak stomach.

On the other hand many of you like to enjoy some barbeque, something you don't have to scarf down to impress viewers. Hotdogs, bratwurst, chicken and burgers on the grill: that's my kind of tradition.

Which brings me to my special Fourth of July "Would You Rather." You can compete and (must give 100%) in the Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest, or you must spend the Fourth of July weekend eating only saltine crackers and drinking water while still attending all of your social events and BBQs.

So tell us, which would you rather do?