With the 4th of July coming this Monday, many of us will have a 3 day weekend, and perhaps you will be getting together with friends and/or family to celebrate.  This may come as no surprise, but it will cost you more this year if you plan on hosting one.  So you may want to pass on your hosting duties.

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According to the Farm Bureau, the average 4th of July cookout for 10 people will cost you 17% more this year.  Last year it would have cost you about $59.50, and this year it will be $69.68.  You can get more details HERE.

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So lets get into more specifics.  You probably would be doing some grilling.  So that may entail getting burgers, hot dogs, chicken, or pork products.  Well the cost of beef is up 36%.  Two pounds of ground beef for burgers - $11.12.  Prefer chicken? Two pounds of chicken breasts - $8.99.

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Now I haven't even mentioned some of the other items that you may have.  The cost of buns, cheese, chips, potato salad, beans, fruit.  All of those items are up a little bit in price.  You can click HERE for more details from the Farm Bureau.  And check out the graphic below.

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Now obviously inflation is affecting this.  I haven't even mentioned the cost of alcohol and sodas and other beverages.  Those may cost a bit more too.  So what do you do? Well, if you still plan on hosting a gathering, perhaps ask each person to bring one item to help offset the costs? Pot luck? Anything to offset the costs.

Whatever choice you make, have a safe 4th of July.  Just be prepared for the costs if you are the host.

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