If you ever need to use Western Missouri Medical Center's Express Care service you can now check in online. According to Western Missouri Medical Center:

This check-in system provides patients with non-life-threatening illnesses the convenience to make online reservations. Save My Spot is free to use and patients will be able to book their appointment from their mobile device or computer and wait in the comfort of their own home until it is their turn to be seen at Warrensburg Express Care.

Using the system is simple. Just go to https://wmmc.com/savemyspot and choose either the "save my spot" or "view all availability" option. If you choose "save my spot" it will show the next available appointment time. If you choose "view all availability" it will allow you to choose a time from all available appointments. Both options have a simple form you fill out describing your symptoms along with other information needed to make an appointment.

The concern I had when clicking through boxes seeing what each one did, was the fact that the first appointment I could schedule was noon tomorrow. And when I clicked "view all availability" it didn't give me any other options. I mean isn't the concept of urgent care to see someone NOW, or at least TODAY?

Maybe it's first day glitches, or maybe it's a sign that we need more healthcare professionals in West Central Missouri.

Regardless, it lets you know when someone can see you without having to go over to the clinic. Go inside. And sit in a waiting room forever before you can see a doctor. Because nothing's worse when you don't feel well or your experiencing pain than sitting in a doctor's waiting room all afternoon.

Urgent care visits are a convenient way to address colds, coughs, the flu, minor cuts and burns, nausea, infection, pink eye, bites and a possibility of needing stitches. Physicals, immunizations and screenings should be handled by your physician. Major injuries, traumas, symptoms of a stroke or heart attack, head injuries, uncontrolled pain or bleeding should be handled at an emergency room.

Western Missouri Medical Center's Express Care office is located 427 Burkarth Road in Warrensburg and they are open from 8:00AM - 5:00PM Monday - Friday.


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