So it's time to get a little philosophical and biblical as we try to figure out why we aren't living as long as some did years and years ago.

The first question is...Is there an age limit to which we can live? If you start delving in to the bible you can find evidence that  there were some old-timers. For example:

  • Enoch lived to be 365 years old. If you were to do a top-ten list list of the oldest in the bible, he would come in at number #10.
  • Adam, who was the first man that God created, lived to be 930 years old.
  • According to, Methuselah lived to be 969.

These days we still see many that live past the ripe old age of 100, but as the days and months continue to build, the numbers that are still living, start to diminish.

According to a article in 2017, scientists determined that on average, people can only live to be about 115 years old. Of course, naysayers and researchers had other things to say about this.

All in all it makes you wonder with all our modern technology and health-related breakthroughs every day, how long will it be before we start to see significant changes in our longevity.

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