It's a common have kids, you go to work and somewhere in the mix of things daycare enters the picture. Who do you think does the best job in the area?

For working parents, few things are more important than finding quality child care. Daycare in America takes a big chunk out of the monthly household income, In fact, a new study shows that nearly 1 in 3 families spend 20% of income on child care. So finding that right person or facility can be troublesome.

While every family situation is different, parents’ need to find a safe, caring place for their children every day is universal. Sedalia and the surrounding area is fortunate to have a number of great daycare centers, and individuals that have the service in their own home.

Many places have a waiting list or give priority to families with siblings already at the center. Some places don’t have openings at all. And other places you just don’t get the right feel for. You get a sense when you walk into a day care. You get a vibe.

So where do you feel is the best daycare in the area?

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