Do you love the hours you have at your workplace? For some those hours are ideal for their current lifestyle but for others it's frustrating. Would you change it if you could?

9-to-5...8-to-4...7-to-3. Those are your more common shifts for the eight-hour workday, but what if you don't work days? What if you have a ten or a twelve-hour shift?

For me it's 5-to-2. Not ideal hours. I get up every morning around 4:15. That's the bad thing. The good thing...being off in the middle of the afternoon giving you opportunities to get things done. This especially helps in the winter months with the time change and, of course, with the sun setting earlier.

A survey on Career Builder said that the ol' "9-to-5" is becoming a thing of the past since bosses and clients get hold of us at pretty much any hour of the day and/or night, as needed. Thank you cell phones!

The old Banker's hours (9-to-3) are definitely a thing of the past, and for most businesses, being off on the weekend has gone by the wayside.

So what weird hours do you work or did work on your current and/or past jobs?

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