I'm a nicknamer.  It's just something I've always done.  I have nicknames for most everybody in my life - and I've always had different ones for my love interests over the years. I don't really know how I decided to call him Boyfriendo.  Some of the other names have had some relevance - for example, I once dated a guy and nicknamed him "Voldemort" because I didn't like his name.   Get it?  Cos Voldemort is "he who must not be named"?  Yeah.  Another one I nicknamed "Tacky" because he had terrible taste in clothes. You know, he's one of those guys who had a "FBI: Federal Booty Inspector" shirt.

Well now, I'm making an honest man out of ol Boyfriendo - but now, after Sunday, he won't be my boyfriend, he'll be my husband.  So... should I change the nickname accordingly?  You guys should have a say in this.  Take my poll and tell me what you think.

Nicknamingly yours,