Earlier this week it was National Video Game Day. I'm a huge video game nerd AND I play all kinds of different games, from RPGs to sports games, from the Super Nintendo to the Xbox 360. I don't even want to know how many hours of my life I've spent playing video games. What I didn't know was that Doug is an even bigger video game nerd.

Back in the '90s, Doug was a video game wizard. He and his brother would go to competitive video game tournaments and school everyone. When they were just kids, they were so good they were actually asked to run a big tournament at Whiteman Air Force Base. He still has a Nintendo Power Up '94 Tournament hat. You can actually see the games from the tournament Doug played in here.

So we got to talking about what our favorite video games were. Doug picked two absolute all-time classics: The original Super Mario Bros and one of the first sports games ever, Tecmo Bowl. We asked Behka too. She also went the Mario route, with the very impressive Super Mario World 3. For myself, I'd have to say the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, the kind of "cartoony" one for GameCube. Everything about that game was perfect in my opinion. Madden and Wii Sports have to get an honorable mention too, especially when you consider their influence and popularity. Oh, and Halo, those games were pretty hot when they first came out. Okay, I need to stop, I could go on forever with this.

Over the years, video games have become pretty popular, so we want to know: what's your favorite video game of all time? We don't care if it's from 1983 or 2013, Atari or PS3, old school arcade or iPhone, it can be anything. What was the most fun you've ever had playing a a video game?

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