This may be the opening of a proverbial can of worms but it's time to hear what you think. What's your take on Marcus Peters not standing during the National Anthem during Thursday nights nationally televised game?

Number one, I will always stand for the National Anthem, I will have my hat/cap off my head, and my hand will be over my heart. This is what I learned as a child. I call it respect. Respect for those that are serving and for those that have served in the past.

You've seen it on the national platform with many players not respecting the National Anthem. Instead of standing, they choose to either sit or kneel.

I've seen this said so many times, especially with the Peters' escapade, that these players don't know what it's like to have served their country. They're making millions of dollars and these players feel like they're above doing what is right.

I know in my heart what I feel is right. God. Country. Respect. Honor.

I served and I'm proud that I did serve.

Time to close the can of worms.




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