Well, the time has come to acknowledge greatness.  Credit goes where it's due, after all. You may go to work every day and put in your best, but you're not working harder than these excellent employees.  Okay, so maybe not. Maybe it's just cute pictures of animals that hang out in local businesses.  You can decide for yourself.  


Missy is the full time cat of Chelsea’s Antiques. She is around 11 years old, loves sleeping on random furniture and she used to have a wondering spirit. One time she was outside and hopped in a truck and made it to Walgreen's before she was discovered. On occasion, Missy enjoys hitching shoulder rides around the store. Luckily for us, she allows us in her presence. She's probably appraising your shopping right now.  Probably judging your outfit, too.  Just a little.


Meet Titan. Titan is the resident dog of Craft Beer Cellar. He belongs to Leon, the manager. Titan is the bouncer, all patrons of Craft Beer Cellar must pay the 3 pat cover and be sniffed then they are free to enter. Titan mainly enjoys watching the street, sleeping and waiting for patrons to drop food.  I would happily order some extra chicken fingers for Titan.


Winchester is the new pupper at Back In Action Chiropractic in Warsaw. Winchester is four months old and he is a French Bulldog. He is apparently a (cute) heathen. I think my back is hurting from the cuteness of Winchester.

Does your work have an office pet?  Tell us all about them, send in some photos! We need some cuteness to get into the weekend.  Maybe it'll finally convince the powers that be that we need an office cat here at the radio station.

Pettingly yours,


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