It's been a chilly week. Not to mention, last weekend was one to just spend inside cocooning and binge-watching your favorite TV show. So you, like me, may be wondering will I need a heavier jacket this weekend? Or will I be able to get away with my comfortable hoody? I've got good news, you might not even need a hoody on Sunday.

Our weather service, Weatherology, is predicting a very nice fall weekend for West Central Missouri.

Today will probably be the sunniest day of the weekend, if you count Friday as part of the weekend, which I do. Weatherology says there will be lots of sunshine and we'll see a high of 64. It will be windy, however, which might keep it from seeming as warm as it could be if there is no breeze.

Saturday will be cloudy, however, Weatherology says we'll see some peaks at the sun. There's a very small chance of sprinkle, and it will be less windy, with a high of 66.

Sunday seems like the better day of the weekend with a high of 69 and partly cloudy.  See, you won't need your hoody on Sunday.

As we head back to work, the nice temperatures will continue on Monday and Tuesday, with a chill coming back into the picture on Wednesday when we will only see a high of 55.

If you're going to be heading in the evening over the weekend I would take a light jacket or sweatshirt with low. Lows will be dipping down into the mid-40s on both Friday night and Saturday night.

I'd take advantage of this nice weather while we have it because pretty soon it'll be getting chilly and staying chilly until sometime this April. And oh yeah, when we get into late December and January, there's a pretty good chance we will be dealing with ice and snow too.

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