I've seen the forecast and I'd like to change the channel. Yet, could there be any hope for a warmup anytime soon? Let's delve into things and take a look.

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At least temporarily, our cold snap should end with tonight's predicted single-digit low.  Weatherology says tomorrow, Wednesday, January 17, 2024, will be mostly sunny with a high of 34, and a low of only 20 tomorrow night. Thursday, relatively speaking, won't be too bad either. It'll be cloudy and a little colder, with a high of 31.

Mother Nature, apparently wants to whip us back into the arctic cold Thursday night and she also wants us to experience more snow, it's only supposed to be a dusting, but I think Mother Nature's a liar. The low, 2 above. Friday we'll only see a high of 10 and Saturday we'll only see a high of 16.

Things will start to warm up heading into next week. Monday, January 23, 2024, will see us with a high near 41. Don't get too excited because rain is in the forecast. Rain will stick around Monday night and may even continue through Tuesday according to the National Weather Service. The good news is, that temperatures even on Monday night will stay above freezing.

So could we see a warm-up? It's possible.

My fear, and remember I have no training as a meteorologist, is that we get into this pattern. It gets frigid on a Thursday night, we get a little bit of snow to gum up the works, and then deal with arctic air until mid-week, get a couple of days of warmer temps, then rinse and repeat.

It was like that with the snow a couple of years ago. It seemed like clockwork we'd get just enough snow and it'd be just cold enough to be frustrating. Seemed to go on like that for several weeks.

However, on January 16, 1990, the temperature at KCI was 34 degrees above normal, the morning low was 53, and the afternoon high was 65. It was part of seven weeks where the area was dealing with unseasonably mild temperatures. This is according to the National Weather Service in Kansas City.

Here's what happened. In December of 1989, the Kansas City area experienced severe and record-cold weather. When the area came out of the ice box, that's when the seven weeks of unseasonably mild temperatures happened.

So it is possible. Maybe we'll come out of January with a bit of a warm-up and get some unseasonably warm temperatures to stick around. Possible, but not probable.

By the way, Kansas City is no stranger to cold winter weather, in fact on this day in 1977 it was -6 and in 1982 it was -3. With a current temperature at 4:00 PM of 10 above, I'd say we're not doing too bad.

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