I don't mind bugs so much when they're not in my house.  And I don't really mind spiders that much, because they eat the bugs I don't like. Well just yesterday, I went around back behind the studios to throw some stuff out in the dumpster.  And then, I saw what looked like a leaf floating in the air. But that was no magic leaf.  It was the longest spider web I have ever seen!  Forgive the shakiness, I'm not a video professional.

This web is at least ten feet long.  It goes from the top of the trailer down to the brush next to the little creek thing.  That's a spider that is NOT playing around. It wants to ctch the most stuff and chow down on it however he can.  I am not a big fan of looking at him, but I believe he should be named Boris.

I'm not sure what kind of spider he is, (I didn't want to get too close to him, I might break his web) but I'm okay with him chillin' out back there.  Maybe one of you will be able to tell from my terrible video skills what kind of spider he is!  He looks like he's got stripes, and he's a little under an inch long, maybe.

Have you ever seen a web string this big? What's the biggest one you've ever seen?

Webbily yours,


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