I don't have a picture of him/her/it because it was raining when I wrote this, but know it pretty much looks like the picture. Dear Bunny Rabbit That Lives In The Grass Near The Station,

Hello. You might not know this, but I am  your friend.  I appreciate you probably don't speak English, you probably don't read, and your internet connection is very likely slow or non existent.  But I've seen enough animated anthropomorphic rabbits in movies and TV to go for it.

First off, I wanna apologize for scaring you that one time.  But I had to do it!  There was a cat across the parking lot that was making its way toward you, and I didn't want you to get in a fight.  After all, you are a prey species, it's not like you would have had a shot against an outdoor cat.  So, I'm sorry for scaring you into the bushes, but I figured it had to be done to ensure your safety that morning.

Secondly, I want to thank you for not being scared of me most of the time.  You chill and eat the grass and look at me and I appreciate that.  It's nice to be able to see you up close (although I respect your boundaries, so don't worry about me touching you).  You're very cute.  I like talking a little to you.  You've been nice to sit and listen to me these last few weeks.

I know I might very well be confusing you with your other friends or your family, after all, I've never seen more than one of you out at once. So I'm sorry if I'm lumping you all together and not appreciating your individuality.  I don't want to pry.  It's probably rude to ask if you're a boy or girl or however you identify.  I want to maintain my responsibilities in this relationship.

SO, what I will promise to you is that I will say "Hello, Bunny Friend", whenever I see you.  I will watch you eat the grass and play a little bit in the bushes.  I won't be a creeper though and full on stare at you for hours  - I do have work to do, you know.

Thank you for being cute, Bunny Friend.

Friendily yours,


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