You're probably reading the headline and saying what the heck are you talking about? Kids being fined for being enthusiastic about the outdoors? What is this world coming to anyway?

Okay, take a step back from the device where you just read the above paragraph, and take a deep breath. Yes, kids can be fined a citation for being an outdoor enthusiast but the fine is pretty sweet!

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is teaming up with Sonic so kids can receive a coupon for a free Sonic Drive-In ice cream cone when caught being a responsible outdoor enthusiast! MDC conservation agents are now issuing ice cream “citations” for kids caught practicing responsible nature behavior, such as wearing their life jacket, fishing or hunting with their family, or for keeping nature clean. The citation can be turned in to any participating Sonic Drive-In to claim a free ice cream cone for the responsible outdoor enthusiast.

According to MDC Protection Deputy Chief Dean Harre:

“Our agents are excited to start this partnership with Sonic and recognize kids who are enjoying Missouri’s outdoors responsibly. It’s a great way to reward our young stewards of conservation and foster their love and appreciation for nature.”

MDC agents will have a booklet of citations and be on the lookout for young adventurers enjoying time in nature. The Missouri Department of Conservation agents will begin issuing the tickets July 1.

According to a press release from the MDC, This program not only encourages kids to be great nature role models, but also helps our agents connect with the community and build those lasting relationships.

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