The Warrensburg Tiger Athletic Department made a couple of hiring announcements on their Facebook page this morning. The high school is welcoming a new head coach for the boys and girls swim teams, as well as a new head coach for the boys wrestling team.

The athletic department named Brandon Campbell as the head coach for boys and girls swim teams. Campbell was born and raised in Colorado and has been swimming since he was three or four years old. He started coaching swim teams while in high school and continued coaching in college. Additionally, Campbell is certified as a Water Safety Instructor and has taught swimming to people of all ages. In addition to swimming Campbell enjoys all kinds of sports, exercise, and recreational activities. He's currently training for an Ironman Triathlon in the spring of 2024.

The Facebook post quotes Warrensburg Director of Activities, Jake Duvall: “Coach Campbell’s commitment to grow the swimming program is evident. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as resources which will enhance the program.”

Candace Cameron has been named the head coach for the boys wrestling team. Cameron comes from Jefferson City and has been coaching for four years including head girls coach, as well as assistant varsity boys coach. At Jefferson City, she coached a girls State Champion, a second-place heavyweight in the boys, and a fourth-place boys team finish.  Cameron also holds a black belt in Judo and has trained with the highest-ranked woman in Judo Keiko Fukuda Sensei. Additionally, she's placed at the Judo Nationals and competed with the United States Judo Team.

Warrensburg Director of Activities, Jake Duvall, states, "Coach Cameron's wide knowledge of wrestling and other grappling techniques is a tremendous asset to the Warrensburg Wrestling program. On top of that, her leadership abilities, competitiveness, and passion for the sport are all qualities that should take the wrestling program to the next level."

Welcome to Warrensburg and good luck Coach Campbell and Coach Cameron.

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