When comes to the Smith-Cotton / Warrensburg High School rivalry it's a big deal. It's the pride of community one lives in that's on the line. Whether it's football, basketball whatever, you always want your team to win. Sometimes though, that rivalry just pays off for all of us, regardless of the town you live in.

According to a post from the Warrensburg High School Activities Department Facebook page Smith-Cotton and Warrensburg High School's Student Council groups held a fundraising contest. It's simple, each group picked a charity, and the school that raised the most cash got to steal the other school's cash for their charity.

Warrensburg High School chose to raise money for the Johnson Country Cancer Foundation. According to their website, "JCCF is a non-profit organization that was formed to assist the residents of Johnson County Missouri who may need support due to the toll cancer can have on them. Our members are committed to the organization and firmly believe it to be a great opportunity for the community to assist the residents of Johnson County, Missouri who are fighting cancer."

Smith-Cotton High School chose to raise money for the Smith-Cotton High School Social Worker Fund. I couldn't find out much about the fund, however, Sedalia School District 200 has a Social Work Program whose mission statement reads, "The mission of the SSD 200 School Social Work Program is to collaborate with students and families to provide interventions and access to support services in a respectful and dignified manner which empower students to achieve success."

I'm assuming the money raised would be put toward staff, services, or the operation of this program. Townsquare Media Sedalia has reached out to Smith-Cotton High School for more information.

At the end of the day, Warrensburg High School beat out Smith-Cotton by raising $4,567.12. 454 dollars more than Smith-Cotton's $4,113. Warrensburg High School's Student Council continued to collect donations at last night's game and brought their total of $5,188.12!

When the dust settled Warrensburg High School chose to return the $4,113 Smith-Cotton's students had raised and donate it to the Smith-Cotton High School Social Worker fund. While donating $5,188.12 their students donated to the Johnson County Cancer Foundation.

So when it was all said and done, everyone won!

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