Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce are probably the most popular Kansas City Chiefs players on the team.  They also proved they are All Pro's on and off the field.  They worked with ESPN and their 'My Wish' series to make a dream come true for a 12 year old girl from California.

Myka Eilers was diagnosed with pulmonary stenosis, requiring her to get two open-heart surgeries before the age of one. Doctors later removed her pulmonary valve altogether.  She is now the QB of her flag football team in her hometown of Yorba Linda, California.  Myka wants to be the first female QB in the NFL and her favorite QB is Patrick Mahomes.

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Many of us are familiar with the Make-A-Wish program.  It grants wishes to kids with life threatening illnesses.  They got together with ESPN and the story began with the Chiefs mascot KC Wolf stopping by Myka's home.  She was given a letter that read "Our friends at Make-A-Wish told us that Patrick Mahomes is your favorite player and that you want to break down the barriers to become the first female to play in the NFL. We thought you might see what we can do to make those dreams come true. Can't wait to see you in Kansas City. Go Chiefs!"

She was taken to Arrowhead's practice field and was given a personalized jersey and gear and she got ready to meet her hero.   She got to throw a few passes to Kelce and then sat down with Mahomes to watch him throw the game winning touchdown in last years AFC Divisional game.  Myka got to ask Patrick a few questions too.

Her day ended with a photo session with Patrick.  I look forward to seeing the whole story on ESPN, but you can check out the tweets in the article to get a preview.  A feel good story indeed.  If you want to donate to Make-A-Wish you can click HERE.

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