Karma is the guy on the Chiefs giving hundreds of kids in need a hot breakfast. He is the talk of the pop culture and football world, but Travis Kelce is focusing on the kids in need in the Kansas City Area, here are the details...

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According to NFL insider Adam Schefter, the Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce (aka Taylor Swift's Boyfriend) is making sure hundreds of kids in the Kansas City area get a hot meal for breakfast. In a post on his Facebook page, Adam Schefter says...

"Chiefs’ TE Travis Kelce and Kodiak brand have come together to donate 25,000 meals to the children of Kansas City. Through Operation Breakthrough, an afterschool program for under-resourced youth, hundreds of families will receive hot breakfasts, via Kelce and Kodiak."

If you don't know what Kodiak is according to Kodiak's website...

"Go a little further. Go a little harder. Get a little wilder. Powered with a real Kodiak breakfast. One made with protein and a whole lotta flavor. It’s wild what you and a Kodiak breakfast can do."

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Kelce is the MAN

Think about ALL of the things that Travis Kelce is going through and experiencing in his life right now. He is preparing for the AFC Championship game, he is dating the most famous woman on the planet, and he is constantly being talked about on tv, magazines, the internet, and radio. But while all of that is going on he is making sure to team up with a big corporation to feed kids in need in the Kansas City area, what a dude, hard not to root for him.

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