Would you like a little bit of Kansas City football history to hang in your garage, media room or man cave? If you're one of 43 lucky people you could wind up with a 2020 Kansas City "Home Sweet Home" banner. But there's a catch, it'll cost you $5.00 to try to win one. And it's not really a Chiefs banner, more of a Kansas City banner.

Kansas City is raffling off the 43 full size "Home Sweet Home banners that were placed on light polls during last year's championship parade. If you want to try and win one you'll need to enter the City's raffle. Tickets are $5.00 each and a portion of the proceeds will go to COVID-19 relief in Kansas City.

The banners are two and a half feet wide and six feet long. Longer than they look stuck up there on those polls. That said, if you have a work shop in your garage. Or you use your garage, like some of my neighbors do, as a place to hang out with friends the banner will look great hung up.

Of course if you're a Chiefs fan and a collector, you might just want to win one of the banners to have a little piece of Kansas City Football History. Who cares if you could find a place for it on one of your walls. I suspect rolled up it wouldn't take much room to store.

If you'd like to enter the raffle you can do so here. The raffle runs through Thursday, January 14 at 3:00 PM CST. Winners will be notified on January 14, after 4:00PM CST. Banners will be available for pickup Friday January 15 in Kansas City.

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