As far as Kansas City Chiefs go, Patrick Mahomes is probably the most recognized player.  Makes sense. He is the QB after all.  But his tight end is making a name for himself too.

Travis Kelce is the Pro Bowl tight end for Kansas City.  A Pro Bowler.  He even had his own dating show.  Remember the E! show entitled Catching Kelce? 2016.  Well perhaps modeling will be in his future after football, or fashion.  Allow me to explain.

attachment-Travis Kelce Coat 2
attachment-Travis Kelce Coat

Did you see this coat he was wearing at the press conference after the game against the Steelers?  And before the game? Man, not too many people can pull that off.  Travis ended the game with five catches for 108 yards, a receiving touchdown and a touchdown pass. But before his historic performance, the All-Pro showed up to the game in a faux fur coat that caught the eye of many.

It apparently was a $600 coat designed by KidSuper, a New York based fashion designer named Colm Dillane.

Named “Fell In Love With a Dancer,” the coat is made of 100% faux fur, according to the KidSuper website.  I do not think I could ever pull this off.  I could not justify spending that much on a coat.  That is my rent!  But I suppose if you make the kind of money Travis makes, it is pocket change.  For the record, the coat has satin lining and it has buttons and not zippers.  You know, if that is a deal breaker for you.

KidSuper will take part in Paris Fashion Week’s official calendar and Dillane’s newest fashion show will release the weekend of the Chiefs/Bills matchup this weekend.  Click on his name if you want to see more of his work.   And if the Chiefs win this Sunday, I wonder if Travis will have another wild coat to wear.

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