Steelers fan Toby Keith is no doubt excited about the location of his next restaurant opening. The singer, along with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Continental Real Estate companies and Boomtown Entertainment, announced that a deal has been confirmed for Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill to open on the North Shore in Pittsburgh -- close to the Steelers' Heinz Field Stadium -- in 2014.

Since its inception in 2005, the I Love This Bar and Grill chain has expanded from three restaurants in Keith's home state of Oklahoma to boasting 11 additional locations across the country, including in Mesa, Ariz., Denver, Cincinnati and Dallas.

Though the chain boasts an expansive menu of southern fare -- think pork burgers and chicken fried steak -- Boomtown Entertainment CEO Frank Capri says it will be the atmosphere and the live music that the venue provides that draws customers.

“Our food is fantastic, but the menu is not what lures people to Toby’s table,” says Capri. “The people in Pittsburgh will love to come sit at the giant guitar-shaped bar, painted red white and blue like the American flag -- and watch a rising country music singer perform on a stage so close you can see the sweat on his or her brow.”

The Pittsburgh restaurant should bring in about 250 full and part-time new jobs to the area. Food, music and atmosphere -- plenty of reasons to sit at Keith's table.