Creating a movie is a big task. Even with HD cameras and high quality sound equipment more accessible and affordable than ever before, it's a huge commitment to make an independent film. In most cases, you need a story, you need actors, you need locations and props, you could use an original song or two, and maybe even special effects. Then you have to coordinate all of the cast and crew, who are usually volunteers working in their spare time. But independent filmmakers somehow manage to navigate all these hurdles to get their visions on the big screen (or YouTube). With Halloween approaching, we thought we'd highlight a few independent horror movies that were shot in our state. 

American Revenant

American Revenant is a short zombie movie that was shot in Hannibal over the summer of 2016. It was based on a novella by a local author that actually set the story in northeast Missouri. The community embraced the project, and several local residents volunteered to appear as extras/zombies. American Revenant actually got a big screen debut at Hannibal's Main Street Cinema 8 last October.

The Sound of Nothing

Another zombie movie (zombies are really, really popular). The Sound of Nothing debuted in 2013 at the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase. Scenes for the film were shot in the small Knox County town of Edina, Missouri. "There’s quite a bit of the town that made it in (the final cut of the film), and one really spectacular crane shot of Edina," said director Chris Grega, who also utilized local extras, including several students from Truman State University in Kirksville.


"A college student is stalked by the sadistic killer that brutally tortured and murdered her parents a year earlier." Hannibal filmmaker Bill Houser shot his film, Hidden, in the summer of 2009 at locations in and around Hannibal and Quincy, Illinois. The movie is available to rent or to buy at Amazon.

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