Well, it's happened again. 

No, I didn't walk into the doorway of the studio again.  Although that could happen at any time, it didn't happen today.

What did happen was, I got another one of those scam emails.  And it almost looks legit, so I thought I'd give you a heads up.  Here's the email.


Now if you can't read that or the picture didn't load, it says that I have been notified to appear in court.  In fact, I've been scheduled at the County Courthouse!  Which one? Oh, it didn't say. But I should click on this not at all suspicious link and, Vincent Gambino Baker will be happy to get me out of trouble.

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If you take a second and Google the name "Vincent Gambino Baker"... well. It's clear that it's a scam. But wait... doesn't that name sound familiar? Vincent Gambino Baker... Vinny Gambino Baker... Vinny Gambini... THAT'S IT. Eureka!

Yep, Vinny Gambini is none other than My Cousin Vinny, from 1992! Sure, they shortened his nickname and added a third name, but... yeah.  Scam city.

And these "Yutes" think you're gonna fall for it!  But nah, you'll be as cool as Mona Lisa was when she was able to give the correct answer as you delete the heck out of that email.  And delete you should, maybe report the address to your provider.  But never, ever, EVER click on the link they provide.  You're just asking for problems.

Ralph Macchio would be disappointed if you click it.  So... don't.   Keep your eyes open for email and phishing scams, gentle reader.  Stay ever vigilant!

Gambiningly yours,


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