This is Figaro.  Figaro is a cat.  She is the reason we can't have nice things. Don't get me wrong, guys.  I love our cat.  She's got a lot of personality and really is very affectionate.  But... she is a TERROR.  And it's always about weird things.  I actually caught her trying to bite a window yesterday.  A window? Really? Why would you want to eat something that hard?

She's fed, she has water, we play with her all the time, and she has toys and scratching posts and a cat tree and Everything. But does she play with those toys?  No.  She will get kibble out of her bowl and chase it around the kitchen.  Her scratching post is right next to a bookcase.  Does she use the scratching post?  No, she tries to scratch up the books.   She gets squirted with the water bottle, runs off.

And if you have any kind of food? Now she's your best friend. Even though she just ate, and you know she can't have human food, there she is.  If you don't watch your plate, she'll STEAL FOOD. Especially if it has cheese in it.  She pulled a stick of string cheese off of one of the girl's plates when she was just trying to have a snack! She yanked it and ran around the house, and then hid IN the bed.

Yes, she can hide in my bed, because she tore up the bottom of the mattress and made herself a hole to crawl into. We've tried repairing it, covering it, even putting a board there, and she manages to find it again.

And that is why we can't have nice things.  If we try, she will destroy them.

But, I guess that's okay.  I just hope she doesn't manage to eat a window.

Cattingly yours,


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