There's lots of lists this year about the best and worst Halloween Candy you can give out to kids at your door. I was rather intrigued when my mom sent me a link to a self proclaimed "ultimate list" of the best and worst Halloween Candy put out by

My mom also pointed out that she actually liked some of the candy that made this list. So I had to check it out for myself. I think others might agree. In my book Good & Plenty isn't that bad, it's not my favorite but I wouldn't rank it up there with Candy Corn and Circus Peanuts. I'm not a fan of Licorice or Smarties, but I know folks that like them. And I happen to like the Wax Cola Bottles, especially the juice that's in them.

Here's a list of the worst Halloween Candies, a thought or two on each of them from the list maker, and a link on where you can find them on if you want to relive your childhood. We're an Amazon Associate, so if you click a link and buy something we make a little money from that.




    "Chewy candies can be great. But there’s just something unappealing about this chewy mess." I agree and at my age I'd be afraid I'd pull out a filling.


    Good & Plenty

    "Since Good & Plenty are pretty much licorice, we see the reason why people don’t like them." I can't argue with that logic. Licorice seems to be a like or hate candy.



    "Note that this does not include Twizzlers, and if you read the lists you’ll see they allude to, if not outright say, black licorice." My wife and I feel the same way. Black licorice yuck, however the red Twizzlers are go-to road trip snack for us. The big bag.



    " At first they’re not so bad. But the human tongue can take only so many vaguely sweet, chalky hard candy." I always thought they were more tart than sweet, but yeah, I never liked getting these as Halloween treats. I ate them, but didn't like them.


    Tootsie Roll

    "They’re the easy way out for people who don’t want to spend money handing out candy to kids. You can throw a handful into each kid’s bag and it won’t set you back much." Maybe it's because I lived near the Tootsie Roll factory in Chicago growing up. But Tootsie Rolls are OK in my book. I like the Vanilla Midgees better and the flavored ones are good too. (The authors of this list disagree. They didn't like the flavored ones.)


    Necco Wafers

    "They’re like Smarties, but bigger, not as sweet, and more chalky. So yeah. These took the top spot on one list, and I’m surprised they weren’t on every list." I'd rather eat chalk, it tastes better.


    Wax Coke Bottles

    "The novelty of these is great. The first time you get one. When you’re five years old. Then the realization sets in: you’re biting through wax to get not even a mouthful of sugar water." I still kind of like them. Beware the wax though, that kind of tastes good too, until you chew one piece too many.


    Peanut Butter Kisses

    "You know these because they have a plain orange or black wrapper. My advice is to leave them in that wrapper and move onto the next candy." The article says these are sometimes referred to as Mary Janes. Either way I agree with the list writers, don't even unwrap them, pitch 'em in the garbage.


    Circus Peanuts

    "There is no way to describe the vileness that is Circus Peanuts. How could there possibly be a worse Halloween Candy?" The candies are marshmallow based so ewwww in my book. I'd rather be forced to eat a peep at Easter than Circus Peanuts.


    Candy Corn

    "There are absolutely better candies out there. But if you can’t enjoy stuffing handfuls of candy corn into your pie hole, well, I don’t even know what to tell you." Surprise surprise, the list author actually likes Candy Corn. You can keep it pal, along with the Mary Janes and Circus Peanuts. I'd rather have the Wax Coke Bottles.