So, my cousin is having her second baby this year. And who doesn't love babies, right?  That new baby smell is great.  She invited us all to the baby shower, that's coming up this weekend.  My sister and I decided to tag team the gift in the end, but I did some looking around on Amazon and found some straight up weird things people buy for baby showers.

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1.   Baby University Books.

Sure, this seems like a great idea. Why not try to get your baby into, you know, science. They can't read yet, but hey. Who cares.

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2. Changing Coins.

Does it really need to come to that? I mean, don't you just alternate anyway?

3. Crib Dribbler.

I swear, I nearly bought this. It's a joke box you can buy to put your real present in, and there are a bunch of different options out there to make your recipient think they're getting something ridiculous.

4.Silicone Microwave Popper.

Honestly, I am not sure why this even came up in the search for "baby shower". But it did. That and the complete DVD set of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I guess babies love popcorn and humor of Larry David.

5. Tooth Keepsake Box.

There is something both cute and incredibly creepy about this. I know for some parents, they don't want to throw away the baby teeth, but.... why? Do you think your kid is going to want them when they grow up? You're literally keeping it just to keep it. What are you going to do, use their teeth to clone another one of them later?

Would you buy any of these products? Have you bought anything like these? What do you like to get for a baby shower?

Showeringly yours,

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