So this week on "Outdoors Now," our friend Harry has been giving us tips to prevent and treat sunburn.  I've been particularly interested in this topic, as it's something that I think we all deal with when it gets warm.

Now, for me, I burn like nobody's business.  I look out a sunny window, I've got a red nose. Every year I try my darndest to put on the good sunscreen, and every year I start with a sunburn that hurts like a monkey's worst wrench.  Then, it turns into some kind of weird, gross looking farmer tan without the actual benefit of being a farmer.  So I wanted to know what you guys have gone through this year, or what you think will happen this year when it comes to the dreaded sun's effects.

In our poll, I'm asking: have you been sunburned this year? Are you one of the lucky ones that never seems to burn? Have you avoided it with clothes or sunscreen?

Tell me all about it!  Be sure to listen at 4:20 for Harry's latest tip!

Redly yours,

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