When I was a kid, going to the pool was just a given. It was something we just did.  I have such vivid memories of going to the little old lady's house down the street, where my Mom would clean her house in exchange for my sister to take piano lessons from her. I would sit on the living room floor and watch Romper Room while she plunked on the keys and my Mom hummed along, polishing the china cabinet.

Then, after she'd finished up and we all got loaded up in the bright red Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, we'd head over to Liberty Pool. We went so often that when I was about four or five, my hair actually lightened up to a sort of peroxide blonde (I used to have a photo of this, but it got lost in fire).

There were so many times that I scraped my knee on the side of the concrete jumping in, or times that I got water in my nose, or lost a flip flop. But I LOVED it.  We'd go in, my sister would go off to the deeper end with her friends, and Mom and I would go over to the little fenced in kiddie pool. All the Moms would be over there on the lawn chairs with their bags, working on their tans. My Mom would always later up with baby oil and get the best tans. We'd go for a couple of hours, and then we'd come home, wrinkled fingers and slightly red eyes.

And now, Husbando and the girls also love to go to the pool. It's really nice for Husbando since he's disabled, being in the water is easier for him to move around. They horseplay a little and play games like find the penny, you know - stuff we did when we were kids. And it's been a long winter... the girls are ready for some pool time. Lucky for us, the pools in Sedalia open up this weekend! A lot of pools in other areas won't open until Memorial Day proper, but our Sedalia pools will open up on May 27th, barring rainy weather. Both Liberty and Centennial will be open from 1-6 Sunday through Thursday, and 1-7 on Friday and Saturday.  Admission is the same, $4 for anybody over the age of four.

So get out there and swim it up, people!

Aquatically yours,