Guys, you know I'm not a huge fan of bugs. In general, if they stay away from me, I stay away from them. 

Within reason, of course.  I don't want wasps around my house, but I'm okay with honeybees.  I don't want to see ants in my sink, but if a spider is in the corner I might let him be (he's got a job to do).

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But out in nature, sometimes insects are... okay.  Nah, I'm just kidding! Of course insects are an important part of our ecosystem, and one of most pleasant is, unfortunately, facing extinction.  Which one?  The Monarch Butterfly!   Isn't that sad?  Those things are so pretty, and while I won't want to bring one in as a pet, if I see a bivouac of Monarchs, that would make me smile.

Here's your chance to smile yourself!  Well, that was awkward, wasn't it.  Look, the Sedalia Parks and Rec are doing a cool thing with butterflies, and I thought I'd tell you about it.  That's it.  I don't have any amazing scientific insight, but you might get some if you attend this event! Heck, you might inspire the little ones to study entomology.  Here's the details:

Come enjoy an amazing butterfly presentation on Saturday, June 24th at Vermont Park from 10am-12pm to celebrate Monarch Park USA!

One other thing they'll be doing is handing out free milkwood. No, that's not a branch you can milk.  It's a special plant that Monarchs really like.  In fact, I think those plants are the only ones the caterpillars attach to.  So you can take some, plant them in your yard, and who knows? You might see a few more of these little orange wings of joy before you can shake a milkweed stick at 'em.

Butterflyingly yours,


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